Breathe Non-Medical Disposable Face Mask - Box of 50pc Made in Canada

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Product Features:

  • Three-layer filtration provides efficient protection for anti-droplet, anti-smog, anti-pollen, and dust-proof
  • Tightly ear-loops and design to cover your face
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License. MDEL License Number: 14539
  • Made in Canada
  • Disposable, For Single Use Only



  • Inner non-woven layer: Polypropylene (Polypropylene non-woven fabric lining is made by stretching polypropylene to form a filament, laying it into a mesh, and then bonding it into a non-woven fabric. It absorbs the exhaled hot air from the body, and comfortable.)
  • Melt-blown filtration later: Polymer (The characteristics of melt-blown are fine fiber diameter, large specific surface area, fluffy, soft, good drape, high filtration efficiency, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance, and it filtrates non-oily particulate matter in the air effectively.)
  • PE non-woven layer: Polyester coated fabrics (Non-woven protective fabric is made of high polyester coated fabrics, waterproof, and blocks large particles, droplets and other visible particles effectively.)
  • Graphene free


  • 50 pieces/box