20PCS Individually Wrapped Protective Mouth Shield

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Product Features:

  • Reusable, Environmental, and User-Friendly
  • Face curve in accordance with Ergonomic Design. Comfortable Prolonged Wear, and Professional Aesthetics.
  • Prevents the spread of droplets
  • Suitable for various professions, and Increases quality of Customer Service.
  • Anti-Fog


  • Remove the Protective Film before use
  • Clean the surface with a Wet Cloth; Can Spray with Mild-Disinfectant and wipe the film surface. 
  • Prevent Scratches by avoiding contact with Hard Surfaces
  • To Enhance the Mask Performance and Shelf life, Store in a Cool and Dry Environment.
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License. MDEL License Number: 14539


20 individually wrapped protective mouth shields / Box


Not intended for use in surgical settings. Avoid exposure to high heat. This product has been evaluated to be compatible with common cleaning chemicals.